Chives developing Mobile wallets and Exchange

Chives is already developing mobile wallets and CHIA FORKS COINS EXCHANGE functions based on mobile wallets.

This project will be released in October-November 2021.

Main functions of the wallet:
1 GOOGLE account automatic login, and two-factor authentication.
2 Generate mnemonic words
3 Receive and send COINS
4 Query all transaction records

Main functions of the exchange:
1 The system will generate an additional exchange wallet for you
2 To publish transaction record, you need to transfer the coin to your wallet on the exchange
3 Transaction process: Both buyers and sellers will automatically transfer the coin to the exchange wallet, and then the system will complete the transaction in setting rules.
4 After the transaction is completed, the coins will be automatically transferred to your wallet.
5 You can withdraw coins at any time without manual review.
6 Transaction fee: 0.5% of each transaction currency, or 10 Chives

Version release roadmap:
First version: web wallet
Second version: IOS, ANDROID wallet
The third version: CHROME wallet