QUIZ Reward Issuance Notice(2021/07/27)

QUIZ Reward Issuance Notice
1 QUIZ rewards have been transferred to the publicity link of community autonomy. From 7.10 to the present, nearly 18 days, the daily quota is 2000 CHIVES. Theoretical distribution: 36000 CHIVES. Part of the reward amount below 10 will be rewarded in full. The rest of Multiply the proportion of the rewards obtained by each address among all addresses by 36000. The final reward is: 36732.53 Chives
2 The subsidies for RESTART (6000 CHIVES) and PREMINE30BLOCK (6000 Chives) are evenly distributed according to the number of addresses, and the final calculation subsidy is: 11983.62 Chives
3 All records can be queried in sections 2.3 and 2.4 of the community autonomous system
4 The old answer rewards will also be processed this week.