Random thoughts on the development path of the Chives Blockchain

At the time of writing this article, CHIVES was released for 70 days, and the network space is about 90Pib. This growth rate is already very fast for us. Using this point in time, let’s review the development time of the past two months and the facing problems.

1 Blockchain browser:

The blockchain browser itself is not difficult, so it was developed in a few days, mainly because there was a similar version before, and it can be used directly after modification.
The extension idea of ​​the blockchain explorer is to make a blockchain explorer for other CHIA FORKS, and it has been made in a very short time, but almost none of the FORK adopts our blockchain explorer. There are two reasons. First, all of us is a FORK of CHIA, and there are some competitive relationships, so they chose a third-party blockchain browser, and that is no competition with them. Second, in the blockchain browser we developed With a lot of statistical analysis functions, and most of the FORKS are PRE MINE, or some part of it has been dug a lot in the early stage, the FORK project party has no reason to want their users to know what the data on the chain is. With these two points, all FORK rejected the blockchain explorer we developed for them. This idea failed.

2 Chives Exchange

We are just like other FORKs. Before we were listed on famous exchange, all transactions were made by sending BUY or SELL messages in DISCORD for manual transactions. The problem we face is low transaction efficiency and malicious fraud. The problem, so we plan to develop a simplified version of the exchange to solve this problem.
The function is very simple. The name is called an exchange. It has nothing to do with the exchange. It is just one order sell and one order buy. After the transaction is completed, everyone’s COIN will be transferred back to their wallet. It is more similar to The behavior of buying and selling in the vegetable market. After the transaction, the money and the goods are cleared.
Although it has solved most of the people’s problems, some problems need to be solved. The main problem is that a specified amount of transactions must be remitted. If the wrong amount is remitted, the order will not be matched and the transaction will fail.
The only solution to this problem is to need a wallet.

3 Mobile wallet

The development of wallets is divided into two steps: web wallets and mobile wallets. The principles of both are the same. However, some different designs need to be made according to the user’s usage scenarios.
But the most fundamental problem is the transfer coin. We have studied it for a long time and have not solved it. At the same time, we have hired a few helpers and spent some money. We hope this problem can be solved by the end of this month. Because almost all subsequent projects are stuck on this wallet transfer function.

4 Other FORK wallets.

If the CHIVES wallet is resolved, it will support CHIA and all of his FORK. The way to achieve this is in a CHIVES wallet, you will see almost all CHIA FORKS. It is used to check balance, transfer, and check historical transfer records.
CHIVES wallet will support other CHIA FORKS, it is free, but not without any conditions. For example, it will require the network space to exceed 300PIB, FORK official will make a link and other soft requirements.
If someone would ask if they originally intended to do some OEM services, CHIVES’s answer is NO. The main reason is that OEM’s need to consume development time and energy to maintain, but most FORKS have limited financial resources and cannot afford related expenses. So just this service will not be provided.

5 Upgrade of the exchange.

1 Since the development of the wallet function is completed, each user will be assigned a wallet, and the user can directly transfer the coin to this wallet, any number of times. As long as the balance of the wallet exceeds the amount of the order, then the user will be automatic deduction processing can be done. For the user’s funding arrangement, a two-step authorization verification will be added.
2 Will continue to increase the trading pairs of other CHIA FORK coins. The purpose is only to facilitate other fork users.
3 Support online purchase of CHIVES PETS or CHIA PETS.
4 After the NFT issue is overcome, the PETS purchased by the user will be put on the blockchain.
5 Maybe change the name of the exchange to a wallet. Then trade or buy PETS in the trading area of ​​the wallet.

6 Upgrade of CHIVES mainnet

1 The reason for the long delay is that there is no so much energy to upgrade, and the main version of CHIA is updated too fast, we still hope to have a stable version to upgrade.
2 Because CHIVES modifies too much CHIA code, it is very troublesome to upgrade, so the upgrade frequency is a little too low.
3 The upgrade process will be carried out from 2021.10 to 2021.11.

7 CHIVES NFT support.

This part will not be delayed for too long. At present, other development teams on the market have stated that they have issued the first NFT. When the technical problems of the NFT are overcome, the GAME PETS data will be put into the blockchain and allowed everyone to trade freely.

8 Development of CHIVES NFT GAME.

This development process will continue for a period time. We will split the development process and open it up for users to use whenever there is progress.

9 CHIA colored coin support

1 This CHIA official will support it a long time ago, but no suitable tools have been released to use it. This term can only be seen verbally or in the source code.
2 Looking at the recent CHIA official roadmap, the management tool for colored coins will not be finished until the first half of 2022. It has been too long. It is estimated that other technical forces will be needed to deal with this problem.
3 If time permits, CHIVES will extract the functions of this part and make an open tool for everyone to use. Anyone can issue tokens on CHIVES or CHIA.

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