Chives token standard naming

Chia officially published such an article to talk chia token standard naming, based on this, let’s talk about the standard naming of Chives tokens.


Assets: Any physical objects such as real estate or non-physical objects such as artworks and game props can be called assets.
Coins-data records that exist on the Chives blockchain, similar to UTXO in Bitcoin

Asset Token: A divisible and fungible token, similar to ERC20.

NFT Asset: coin stands for NFT, similar to ERC721.

Chives Token: The full name is Chives Asset Token. Correspondingly, Chia’s official abbreviation is CAT (Chia Asset Token), but CAT feels like an animal, but CHIVES is a plant, so we decided to give up this Command method, and directly use Chives Token.

Of course, as CHIVES with the community as the main driving force, this naming will be voted in the community and then decided.

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