Chives XCC Lists on Lbank , now what?

So you’ve heard about Chives XCC being listed on an exchange, now what? What is Chives XCC, what does the listing mean and what is all this chatter about NFT gaming, Master Nodes and Proof of Space and Time. No it’s not a Science Fiction series, it’s an innovative new network that incorporates the best of what Blockchain technology has to offer all under the one project, Chives XCC. 

You’re probably reading this because you’ve heard that Chives XCC hit its most important milestone. It is listing on the LBank exchange soon. ( source: )

The listing is one of the first big steps towards further decentralisation and en masse adoption. It will finally open up the possibility of all users of the Crypto World to acquire the Chives XCC. This was only possible up until now, only by using your spare storage space to farm on the Chives XCC blockchain.

There are literally thousands of projects out there in the ether, pun intended, so yet another project listing on an exchange is no new news, or is it? 

What makes this announcement so special, if you’ve been in this space before the current bull run, you will probably already know that there are a vast number of tokens and projects that lack a real use case. Well, Chives XCC brings that use case to the table and then some. 

Chives XCC is different. It was built with the following in mind:

  • Listen to what the Blockchain community wants
  • Analyse what works
  • Discover what the community loves and what they believe in when it comes to their favourite projects. 

Once you’ve done all the above, build all of that together and make it better by removing all the things that hold them back. 

The project is based on a Proof-of-Space consensus similar to famous projects like Chia. In comparison, Chives XCC has actually come out with a 0 Pre-mine, NO ICO and a smaller Plot size to truly be the greener option for crypto mining. 

Greener you might ask? Yes, by having smaller plot sizes you can spare yourself all the FUD around burning up SSDs and actually plot in RAM memory. This is faster and has almost no wear added to its lifespan. You can plot in RAM other Proof-of-Space-and-Time coins too, but can you do it with 32GB of RAM? With Chives XCC you can, but I’ll spare you the technicalities, that’s not what you’re here for. 

Chives XCC is greener and is running on a Proof-of-Space consensus, it’s working on implementing smart contracts, it’s launching an NFT game and also a Master Node system. 

These are all characteristics that other networks have but only a few can claim to have such a green low power usage mining/farming system, an NFT ecosystem, Master Node implementation all under one single project with a huge decentralisation. 

While Master Nodes are still a long way away, the NFT projects have started coming to life with the Chives Farming play to earn NFT game. 

The Chives Farming Game will be a play to earn concept, taking inspiration from games like Pokemon and Axie. It will have a custom story line and features adapting it to something unique for our community. 

If you’re familiar with play to earn games like Axie, you will be glad to know that we will have features like breeding, battle, trading and renting available for all players participating in the growth of this game. 

Chives Farm will have six different Pet races to begin with and each race will have at least 6-8 different development paths. Each development path will also be divided in 10 different variations, this will allow for a very high variation of pets. The evolution of the Pet levels is very complex and there will be a whole set of mechanisms to ensure the growth and development system alongside the economic system. 

If you’re a fan of Play to Earn games you’re probably wondering: “how can I get my hands on as many Pets as possible”?

You know what happened to all the early pet holders in Axie, they all went up in price. One of them sold for 300 ETH. 

If you want to hold your Pets, getting in early means you will have access to very low cost and low fee pets.

If you have multiple pets, you can rent them out to others for additional passive income. Rental to other players will bring an extra income divided into a 20/80 or 30/70 model. Should you want to trade, a Marketplace will be available for you too.

The pre-sale of the Pets has already started. Go to the Chives XCC own exchange fir the next drop. 

The pre-sale has seen over 7,000 Pets of the Plant race being sold out on average in under 7 minutes every 24 hours. 

1,000 Pets were released a day for 7 days at the beginning of November. There are further pre-sales coming up of different races but with demand being so high, I would advise you keep an eye out on the Chives XCC community Discord. There will be announcements of when the next drops will happen, as time goes by they are selling out faster and faster.

While there will be no upper limit to how many Pets can exist, the number of pre-sales is only 30,000. 

The planned issuance will be of 1,000/year. There are more pets that can be produced through breeding. More families of pets will be released in further stages. ( source: )

The NFT game Pre-sale has been a great success so far, the network is also a great success with almost 200 PiB allocated to securing the network by the Chives XCC community of over 5500+ farmers from 65 countries around the world. With the Chives Farm game getting closer and closer, followed by Master Nodes that will allow you to earn additional tokens, what does it mean and what’s happening with the current Chives XCC price? 

Well, if you’re amongst the farmers on the network or if you’ve been holding some Chives XCC you purchased in a P2P trade, you’re sitting on some very healthy profits, how profitable? Well if we compare it to the next most profitable Proof-of-Space-and-Time coin, you’re earning around 100% a day per TiB more than what you’re earning if you’re farming Chia XCH. 

At the time of writing this Chives XCC brings in $0.10 a day per TiB versus Chia XCH which brings in $0.05 a day per TiB, you get the point right? ( source: )

The conclusion here is, the project is still new, it’s profitable, it brings together a secure and decentralised Proof-of-Space-and-Time consensus without the drawbacks. It also offers NFT gaming, a growing community and the ability to earn passive income with upcoming projects like Staking and Master Nodes. 

The exchange listing will now also allow everyone that has been following this project closely to get involved even if they can’t participate in the farming process. Everyone can now simply acquire their share in the network on the LBank exchange.

My question is, if you’re not involved yet, with all the current and future improvements and use cases coming, what are you waiting for? Let us know on our Discord server, we’d be happy to have an open conversation.

We encourage all participants to register through the Official LBank Chives Coin XCC

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We use these funds to develop the Chives Coin XCC Project and will provide a report on the use of these funds.

Thank you for your support!

Chives Coin XCC Team.

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