The start of sales of a new race of pets Chives NFT Game

We are in a hurry to inform you about the upcoming sale of the next part of the NFT pets for Chives Game, BUG Race.

Already on December 10, at 00:00 (UTC +0), the start of sales will take place on Chives Swap. Only 5,000 pets will be available in this round, and the price for them will range from 600 to 630 XCC.

The sale will last only 10 days, no more than 1,000 pets will be available for purchase every day.

We remind you that you cannot buy more than 10 pets of all races for 1 account, you cannot buy more than 5 pets for 1 account per day.

In order to buy pets, you will need XCC, which you can buy on the LBank exchange right now!

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