Creating & Launching Your Own Asset Token on Chia Blockchain

If you are drawing up the blueprint for your own cryptocurrency project, we would like to tell you the good news. You can now create asset tokens on the Chia blockchain without any fees. Additionally, there is also a possibility to get full support of Chives Swap with free services as follows:

1. Create Chia asset tokens online without coding.

2. Blockchain browser for your tokens.

3. Token Web wallet – including balance check, transfer in and transfer out functions.

4. Token trading pairs(XCH) – trade your tokens on Chives Swap.

5. Token airdrop support – enter multiple addresses including the amount to complete the airdrop.

6. Token staking support – stake tokens to get free profits.

Chives welcomes all of you to start your great blueprint here. No matter if you are an excellent team with experience or just individuals with passion, we are all open to you with sincere respect.

Chives Swap has canceled the fees on asset token issuance. Now everyone can create their own tokens on Chives blockchain or Chia blockchain for free. If you already have a detailed plan, please contact us on Discord, we would be happy to provide any assistance.



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