Chives uses the space-time proof mechanism, which is to generate blocks (space proof) through hard disk space, and use time proof to complete the verification, avoiding a lot of energy consumption.

Chives is a branch based on Chia and inherits all the characteristics of Chia. There is no pre-mining, no ICO, 10% of the reward is used to build an open and diverse community, and the main node network is used to ensure that Chives has a more robust network.

Chives inherited the chialisp smart contract. The chialisp smart contract can support Chives to implement more complex business logic, such as deposits, loans, derivatives, and even AMM interaction.

Chives will grow with Chia and is committed to becoming the best side chain in the Chia network.

For this reason, we have some ideas about the future of Chives, which everyone can discuss together.

Mobile wallet

The mobile wallet will be one of the most important infrastructures of the Chives ecology, and it is the entrance to the trading market and various DAPPs. Users can browse the trading market, DAPP, etc. while accessing the mobile wallet. Its future development model can be referred to imToken.

Token issuance

Like ETH’s ERC20, any tokens are issued on Chives.


Like USDT TRC or USDT ERC20, stable coins are issued through pledges or specific algorithms to promote the transaction and pledge of various tokens and cross-chain assets on Chives.

Non-homogeneous token issuance

Like ETH’s ERC721, Non-Fungible Token are issued to serve the NFT and GAMEFI markets.


The use of Non-Fungible Token and a unique economic model will make the game a link between users.
Chives will release a project white paper on plant games soon.

Decentralized exchange

At present, all transactions of Chives Exchange are based on the blockchain, but a central server is required to act as a guarantor, and it cannot be 100% decentralized.
With the continuous expansion of the Chives ecosystem, and the continuous increase of the above tokens, and the issuance of stable coins, a decentralized exchange based on the Chives ecosystem will become feasible, just like Uniswap in Ethereum, which will clear all the liquidation and The settlement is placed on Chives.


The above are some thoughts and thoughts on the future development of Chives. The middle part is inspired by the article “Global Chia Hackathon Empowers Ecosystem-Building”.
I hope that the above content can bring you a clear development direction, and jointly develop and strengthen the Chives network.
If the above description is immature, everyone can discuss it together.
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