Q 1) What is the difference between each vote option? (Twitter Vote for Master Node)
A 1) The higher the staking requirement, the higher the threshold limit. The staking amount impacts the final number of Master Node but has no direct effect on a single Master Node’s performance.

Q 2) What are the minimum and recommended hardware and internet speeds for the Master Node
A 2) A more detailed answer will be given after the start of the test network.

Q 3) Can I deploy 3 Master Nodes on one computer?
A 3) A more detailed answer will be given after the start of the test network.

Q 4) How reward is calculated and distributed to all qualified Master Node?
A 4) Master Node Technical Whitepaper: https://chivescoin.org/2022/02/22/chives-blockchain-master-node-technical-whitepaper/

Q 5) What is the Master Node, why do we need it?
A 5) Master Node is a full node very like all the other mining machines. Everyone can deploy it to get 45% of each block reward.

Q 6) Will the Master Node be a nominal network node, or will it be something useful for the network?
A 6) Making Chives network more stable and healthy, extending the decentralization of Chives network.

Q 7) Does every Master Node have to be deployed on a cloud server with public IP?
A 7) A more definitive answer will be given when the test network launches. We will try to lower the barriers to entry on hardware requirements.

Q 8) Will there be different levels of Master Node?
A 8) No

Q 9) When will the test network launch?
A 9) Conservatively planned for the end of June. Due to various factors, there may be changes.

Q 10) Where can I get the latest updates on Master Node?
A 10) We highly recommend that you join the Discord group, which is one of the most active communities.

The above information is for reference only, everything is subject to the main network when it goes online. Nothing on this page should be considered investment or financial advice. Take your own risk.