Stage 1:

IDWork tasksParticipantsEstimated timeline
1Release first public version of CHIVESCOINCore developers2021-07-03
290% of block rewards allocated to miners
10% of the block rewards allocated to a private address (temporary form), and then distributed to everyone in the budget decision voting system
Core developers2021-07-03
3Release of wallet installation package for Windows, Linux, and MAC OS.Core developers2021-07-10
4Launch official website of CHIVESCOINTeam cooperation2021-07-26
5Establish and operate Chives social media pagesTeam cooperation2021-08-30
6Initiate promotional video and marketing campaignTeam cooperation2021-08-30

Stage 2:

IDWork tasksParticipantsEstimated timeline
1Develop Chives blockchain explore
Publicize the use and balance of community autonomy rewards
Core developers2021-07-20
290% of block rewards allocated to miners
10% of the block reward is directly rewarded to a private address
Develop an side-chain budget decision-making voting system and distribute community rewards to everyone (based on equity)
All those who need to apply for rewards can register an account, fill in the purpose and application amount
Reviewers (anyone can apply to become reviewers) can review and issue rewards
All operation records, including application records, audit records, and issuance records will be recorded to public
In the third stage, this off-chain budget decision voting system will be migrated to Chives.
Core developers2021-08-01
3Develop mobile walletWeb wallet done2021.12.30
4Improve the Chives website and documentationTeam cooperation2021-08-30

Stage 3:

IDWork tasksParticipantsEstimated timeline
1Modify the core source code and increase function of master nodesCore developers2022-08-30
2Adjust the mining distribution ratio as follows:
mining: 45%, master nodes: 45%, community reward: 10%
Enable the on-chain budget decision voting system
The voting was changed from volunteers to the master nodes
The number of pledged coins required by the master node is initially determined as: 100,000 Chives (the specific number is to be determined by the community vote)
Core developers2022-08-30
3Enable the master nodes network after successfully launching test networkCore developers2022-10-30